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Checking roof panel alignment around windshield opening.

Alex Waltz, Randy and Joe place the roof panel into position.

​Steel jigs are critical to assure original GM factory alignment       specs are met.


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The water cooled 220V resistance spot welder produces flawless 

welds. Randy can tell you what it feels like to have your finger between the contacts. In two words, IT HURTS!

LAST UPDATED: Feb 8, 2016


 Real Deal Steel,Sanford, FL

During our recent trip to Florida in early January, Sandy and I had the pleasure of visiting some old friends that we haven’t seen in quite some time. Among them were Randy Irwin and Joe Whitaker from Real Deal Steel.

We were welcomed with open arms when we arrived at their shop in Sanford, Florida on Monday afternoon, January 4th.

Randy and Joe, formerly with Eckler’s Classic Chevy – better known to most of us as Classic Chevy International - had a dream to start their own company where they would build and offer for sale brand new ‘55, ‘56 and’ 57 Chevy bodies. Their dream came to fruition when they got together to form a new company called Real Deal Steel. The rest as they say, is history!

In December of 2010 they announced they would soon be building brand new Tri-Five Chevy skeletons and bodies. In March 2011 their first 57 Belair convertible skeleton was built.   Since then they have been keeping extremely busy keeping up with orders for many different Tri-Five body styles from hardtops, convertibles and sedans as well as skeletons. 

About 2 years later the partners enlisted with DennisCarpenter Ford Restoration Parts to reproduce the first brand new much sought after 1940 Ford Coupe body since the last original rolled off the Ford assembly line in 1940. I had the opportunity to see and drool over it under the Dennis Carpenter tent at the Carlisle Fairgrounds Swap Meet soon after it was completed. What a fine piece of workmanship.

In 2013 Randy and Joe made automotive history again when they introduced their brand new ‘67-‘69 Camaro bodies at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. In August 2015 they started a build of a beautiful’ 69 Camaro for theNational Muscle CarAssociation (NMCA) which will be given away to a lucky participant in the Chevrolet Performance Challenge Series in 2016. The car will be powered by a Chevrolet Performance 480 HP LS-3 crate engine with a Super Magnum T-56 6 speed manual transmission. We had the opportunity to see this fine machine during our visit.

Real Deal Steel has been featured in several major automotive publications. They also were featured on the TV series Chop, Cut, Rebuild. You can see the 2 part video on U-Tube by going to the U-Tube website and enter a search for RealDealSteel567.

 There were several Tri-Five and Camaro bodies finished and ready to be shipped when we visited. Unfortunately there were no 40 Fords on hand.

When we were there they were building a ‘55 2 door sedan. We stuck around long enough to watch them fit and install the roof skin. It was interesting to see how things fell into place thanks to the intricate steel jigs and many pair of locking pliers used to fit all the panels and pieces together. I never saw so many Vise Grip locking pliers in one location! Joe and Randy told us they were their biggest expense item to buy when they were setting up shop!

In the near future they will be offering ‘66-‘67 Nova bodies. They are in the process of building the jigs for these bodies. They use actual straight original bodies to build the jigs to exact GM specifications.

All the bodies produced by RDS are completely assembled in house at their shop in Sanford, Florida. They use water cooled 220V resistance spot welders just like the ones that were used in many larger automotive assembly plants. For added strength they make 25% more welds than were done on the original bodies built by GM and Ford.

Randy and Joe talked about the success they have experienced since starting up the business. The workload has become a bit overwhelming for just the two of them so they recently hired two employees to help keep operations moving.

Randy explained how they have outgrown the shop they are presently in. This was evidenced by the sight of bodies stacked on racks and the floor to ceiling racks of body panels and roof skeletons located throughout the shop. In March they will be moving to a much larger building located across the street from the current location.

All the bodies are available for purchase directly through Real  Deal Steel or through several dealers throughout the U.S. including Eckler’s, Classic Industries, Cars and several others. There are many different modifications available to fit your needs. I recommend if you require modifications that you deal directly with Real Deal Steel to assure your needs are met.

For more information about Randy, Joe and Real Deal Steel, please go to their detailed website at www.realdealsteel.com.

To see more photos please click the following link:  photos.ctclassicchevy.com  then click on the Real Deal Steel album.


The positioning of the roof panel to the A-pillar is discussed.

L to R: Joe Whitaker, Ron DePoto and Randy Irwin

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​The rear glass is checked for perfect fit before the welding begins.



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