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CORVETTES:   Images & Stories

About America's Great Sports Car

by Harvey Goldstein

Release date: February 15, 2019 - $24.95 (Paperback) Books can be pre-ordered on (search Harvey Goldstein in books)

Whether you have owned one or just wished you did, Corvettes evoke glamour, elegance, speed, a little danger, and a sense of American pride. In this book, Harvey Goldstein pairs decades-spanning photos of these classic sports cars with great stories from Corvette owners. As you explore the words and images, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the beauty and engineering of these cars and learn why owning and driving a Corvette is a special experience. Whether opening it up on a straight-away, taking it to a race track and driving around the oval, or just being able to give the “Corvette wave” to fellow owners on the open road, this book captures the fun and excitement of driving these cars―as well as the looks of envy from people driving in mundane sedans!.

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