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I bought my 1972 Chevy Nova from a fellow soldier in my unit in November 1994 while assigned at Fort Bliss, Texas. I had always liked classic cars from the 60’s and 70’s and hoped to one day find a 1968 - 1972 Chevelle SS. I never found one. I also had little to no mechanical experience however, I can say that I have learned much over the years but still consider myself a novice. I have since November 1994 done much to restore the car to the condition that it is in today.

 The car was not in a sound running condition upon my purchase. The engine wasn’t running right and the transmission was slipping in addition to the car dog-tracking. One leaf spring was bent causing the car to sit in a funny way. I began by buying a refurbished 350 4-bolt main stock engine. I later upgraded to 2.02 heads with roller rocker arms, a B & M 3-SPD automatic transmission, and a 2500 stall torque converter. I have had the car painted, from the original lime green color, three times to the blue with the white racing stripes that were added after the first painting. I also had the interior completely refurbished as well.

 The car was great for showing and cruising around while I was in the Army and stationed in West Texas. Unfortunately I was later shipped overseas for many years including wartime deployments. I was forced to leave my car in storage for many years allowing for the car to waste away.

 Upon my retirement from the Army and moving back to my home state of Connecticut, I had hoped to quickly register the car and begin enjoying my car like I had in the 1990’s. Unfortunately that was wishful thinking. The state of Connecticut refused to register my car unless I was able to locate the VIN on a second location of the car (other than on the dashboard). The car also had issues with wiring causing the turn signals and other lights to fail as well.

 It took more than one year to locate the second VIN, which was located when I was having sub-frame repair done on the car. I was able to get the car registered, but there was still much more work to do. I had a bent push rod, a burred cam, and the engine was leaking badly. The steering gear was binding and the wiring harness had to completely be replaced as well. I also had disc brakes installed, a new master cylinder, new titanium brake lines, a new steering gear, power steering pump, a new fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel sending unit and fuel lines. It took 18 months to have that work done partly due to the shop always placing my car as a last priority to any new jobs that they accepted. Thanks Copeland Auto Repair in Cheshire on Hwy 10!

 There is still more work that needs to be done on the car, but what car doesn’t have something left to do. I am now able to enjoy my car. It was at the 22nd Memorial Day Car Show at Quinnipiac University on Sunday May 29, 2016.

 Sean Tajirian
Wallingford, CT

​    My "Classic '72 Chevy Nova"

                                    by: Sean Tajirian

​                                        August, 2016

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